What is Travelling Goose?

A website designed for the common traveller; to map out your own personal journey, help track where you have been, where you are to adventure too, and finally for you to share all your amazing moments captured in pictures!

Travelling Goose Features?

Because we are the only website where you can upload your amazing travelling pictures to specific pin points on your map. Browse fellow travellers/backpackers experiences using hashtags, giving yourself great ideas as to what to do and where to go next! Pin point your exact trip on a world map for you to keep track of where you are, where you have been and for loved ones to keep track of your journey. Travelling Goose gives you the opportunity to share your travelling experience with fellow travellers you have met or will meet along the way.

How It Works?

Simply become a member of our site and start pinning points from your journey on your personal map adding pictures and itinerary to each on your way. Sharing your adventures with all your friends at every point.

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